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Meghan Fulton is firing up the interwebs for another online Improv session designed especially for therapists and counsellors, for some necessary laughs and silliness!

With: Meghan Fulton

When: Saturday 20 June 2020, 4pm to 5.30pm

Fee: Donations are welcome via the Buy me a coffee website

Venue: Online, using Zoom video conferencing

Places: we have 8 to 12 places up for grabs

Meghan writes…

While in the midst of this global pandemic and vital global racial trauma protests, I want to invite you, just for a short moment, to come and play.

Not just because it’s trivial or an aside, compared with all that is going on, but because play is one of the most powerful antidotes to death, to deadness, to anxiety, to anger, to sadness, with which so many of us are currently living.

I’m just acknowledging that many of us therapists, of all kinds, are holding an extra amount of the wider community’s grief and disturbance at this time, and that we too need some extra holding, and play.

So I’m offering this online Improv session specifically to those in the mental health professsions.

In Esther Perel’s Zoom session on 22 April 2020, ‘Is there room for pleasure in the midst of crisis?’ she said this brilliant thing:

“Play – the connection to anything that celebrates life, curiosity, imagination, exploration, pleasure – are actually survival tools. They are that essential to our health, our mental health, our relational health and our sense of hope… Can you give yourself permission to still celebrate life? Connect with your aliveness, vitality, vibrancy…”

This session is beginner level and no prior experience of Improv is necessary! It’s simply an offering to resource us briefly during these unprecedented times, to get together, be playful, spontaneous, let our hair down, shake off the energy of the week and raise our own vibes!

Simply bring:

  • a wig or hat
  • an interesting object at home
  • and just your good, daring, joy-loving, kind selves!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Book your place

  • Book your place by emailing us at with your full name, email address and mobile number.
  • Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You’ll get an email confirming your place.

Practical information

You do not have to have Zoom software installed on your device to take part.

Joining the session

Meghan will send out an email invitation to all participants the day before class by email. Simply click on the link in her email to join. 

In the hopefully unlikely event of any boundary issues – for example, should your therapist, supervisor or client want to join as well – we will  be sending out a list of the names of those wishing to attend a couple of days in advance for the therapists on the list to see.

Other things that will help

Please make sure before the session that your computer’s microphone, speakers and video camera are all working.

It’s best to use your laptop or desktop computer rather than a phone.

It will also help if you:

  • have a comfortable private space where you’ll be undisturbed
  • turn off any programs on your computer that could reduce your bandwidth or distract with notification sounds

Using Zoom

Zoom have lots of video tutorials about how to use its video conferencing software.

A bit about Meghan in her own words:

Whenever I do Improv, I feel more alive, creative, playful, spontaneous, energetic and light. This supports me in lots of ways as a therapist. I think Improv and therapy work both feed and support each other around fluidity, being in the moment, working with stuckness & anxiety and so on.

I ran some Improv workshops, specifically for therapists, with therapist and actor, Darren Cheek in 2019, within the Relational Spaces community.

The first three plays I went to see in London as a kid were Peter Pan, which starred a brilliant, young Mark Rylance, West Side Story and A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by the amazing Robert LePage – these all taught me that magic on stage is possible!

I first discovered the delights of Improv during my undergraduate degree program in Drama & American Studies – during an exchange program I did at USM in Maine, USA, and a film course I did at Emerson College in Boston in 1998. I’ve been attending improv classes and jams in London and Improvfestivals (Edinburgh International Improv Fest and Athens, Greece) since 2015.

I worked in film and TV in Los Angeles from 1999 for few years as a Camera Loader/Clapper, Production Assistant, and I was briefly in a movie with the rapper, Coolio! I raised almost $4,000 for HIV/AIDS in California by cycling 600 miles alongs the Pacific Coast Highway in one week. I did my 4-year MA training in Mindfulness-based (Core Process) Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute on wild Dartmoor, 2007–11.

Warm regards,

All at Relational Spaces

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07426 336 322

Image: Doron Levene