RS private community event

With: Michelle Bridgman

Date: Sunday 23 September 2018

Venue: Room 2, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, Waterloo, London SE1 7NQ

About the topic

“Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely trying to be normal” – Albert Camus

In this dynamic, open, friendly and fun Pluralogue–learning environment, Michelle Bridgman will share and explore key themes and issues faced by clients who may identify as transgender or nonconforming (and the therapists who may work with / alongside them) – through a mixture of theory, lived experience, experiential exercises and discussion.

This will be a safe space where participants will have the opportunity to delve and explore the ever-fluid mosaic of gender identities – without fear of reproach, judgement or fear of managing others’ emotional labour.

In turn, this will allow for an opportunity to:

  • deepen understanding of gender theory, gender diversity and gender dysphoria
  • increase insight and experience of gender identities – including transgender, gender variant, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, gender queer, agender, gender questioning and gender fluid.

How might we be defined whilst still being free? How do we manage the tension between fluidity and certainty? How might we help ourselves, and others, navigate and negotiate our way through potentially overwhelming myriads of choice, and the issues often surrounding and accompanying these choices?

About Michelle Bridgman

Currently completing a doctoral programme with Middlesex University researching and arguing the Role of Psychotherapy in the Clinical Treatment of Gender Dysphoria, Michelle Bridgman is a regular commentator on television, radio and in the media, as an expert of gender identity.

She regularly works with children and adults who are transgender or questioning their gender identity, and often also with their families.

A keynote speaker on transgender Issues, mindset and ‘transformational change’ Michelle is a member of UCKP, BACP and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health.

See Michelle’s recent media appearances on her Gender Identity website.

About the Pluralogue

For those new to this event, the Pluralogue is a space where we get together to both learn and socialise, meet some new colleagues and find out what others are up to, as well as enjoy some food and drink whilst digesting new ideas.

The term ‘Pluralogue’ was coined by Doron many years ago, to depict moving beyond monologue to dialogue: to pluralogue (the conversation of many). We hope to learn together and from each other in the form of a learning community in a friendly atmosphere with the added fun of dining together.

The added bonus is that we structure it as a CPD event so you will be able to count it as CPD hours (a CPD certificate will be provided as well).


1pm–2pm: Lunch

2pm–3pm: Exploration

3pm–3.30pm: Tea break

3.30pm–5pm: Discussion

Booking information

Places cost £35.

To confirm your booking please email us at and we will reply with details of how to pay.

Please use your name + PL22a as reference.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

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