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We are very excited to be able to invite you to our next Pluralogue CPD event, Act 3 – Finding the real you.

With: Judy and Adrian Reith

Date: Sunday 11 November 2018

Venue: Room 2, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London SE1 7NQ

About the topic

Babyboomers are living longer than any previous generation – 20 or more years – in better health, with higher expectations. This new phenomenon – we call it Act 3 – is full of opportunity.

But there are big risks.

In the Act 3 stage, around 50 to 75, we’re vulnerable to past choices.

As one writer said, “I spent my life climbing the career ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall.”

A 50-ish music business exec said to me this week: “I’ve a growing feeling of emptiness.”

And a professional woman said: “I find myself with an empty nest and an empty feeling about my husband.”

When this stage of life happens, things may look fine on the outside. But inside we often carry a sense of dissatisfaction, leaving us vulnerable to affairs, alcohol, shopping or other anaesthetics.

We’ve lost our direction and purpose.

Coaches Judy and Adrian Reith are in Act 3 themselves living in their empty nest in Cambridge. They have a growing number of clients struggling with Act 3 issues. They also run Act 3 weekends and workshops, including for The Guardian Masterclass series.

They are currently writing a book, Act 3: The Art of Getting Older. The book is full of fascinating interviews of people doing remarkable things in Act 3, together with Judy and Adrian’s reflection, tools and insights.

This Pluralogue will explore their popular tool ‘The Act 3 Tree’, which helps clients gain purpose, meaning and clarity for their Act 3 goals, with the aim being to help people look back on this life stage without regrets.

About Judy and Adrian Reith

Judy has been a parenting and life coach since 1998. She’s a speaker, author and founder of

Adrian is an executive coach and former advertising man.

Judy and Adrian are currently married to each other, and together run (they’re on Facebook and Twitter too).

Their crowdfunded book is available to pre-order at Unbound.

About the Pluralogue

For those new to this event, the Pluralogue is a space where we get together to both learn and socialise, meet some new colleagues and find out what others are up to, as well as enjoy some food and drink whilst digesting new ideas.

The term ‘Pluralogue’ was coined by Doron many years ago, to depict moving beyond monologue to dialogue: to pluralogue (the conversation of many). We hope to learn together and from each other in the form of a learning community in a friendly atmosphere with the added fun of dining together.

The added bonus is that we structure it as a CPD event so you will be able to count it as CPD hours (a CPD certificate will be provided as well).


1pm–2pm: Lunch

2pm–3pm: Exploration

3pm–3.30pm: Tea break

3.30pm–5pm: Discussion

Booking information

Places cost £35.

To confirm your booking please email us at and we will reply with details of how to pay.

Please use your name + PL23 as reference.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

Darren, Dianne, Doron and Cressy

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Photo: by Doron Levene