Public event

In this online experiential art therapy workshop, integrative arts psychotherapists Rosemarie Fordham and Rosanna Cooper will guide a mindful creative exploration using what we can find in our homes (no fancy art kit required!) Together, we will explore a current challenge that the present time may be igniting for you (personal or professional), summon gratitude for what we appreciate in our lives and see if we can invite new potential and imagined possibilities into the frame.

Date: Friday 19 June 2020

Time: 10am to 12pm

Cost: Free

Venue: Online, using Zoom video conferencing

About the workshop

Rosemarie and Rosanna write:

“We invite you into a safe community space online via the free Zoom video conferencing platform, where we will use creative, therapeutic and mindfulness techniques as a path for self-discovery.

This workshop gives you a chance to rest your ‘thinking mind’, tap into your deeper intuition and imagination and recover your innate creativity.

We offer you a space where you can express, create and explore, whether you think you are ‘arty’ or not! No experience or ability with art necessary.

We will work with the art materials you can gather and find in your homes – no pressure to be fully equipped! Pen and paper are great. Magazines, newspapers, glue and scissors are good to have to hand if possible. Any additional paint, pastels, textiles, pens or felt tips will be a bonus but not essential.

Everything we do is an invitation: there’s no pressure to share any more than you want to.”

Rosemarie Fordham and Rosanna Cooper

About Rosemarie and Rosanna

Rosemarie Fordham and Rosanna Cooper are integrative arts psychotherapists passionate about bringing curiosity and creativity into our lives and relationships. They run freelance workshops as well as tailored wellbeing / art therapy sessions for organisations.

They both currently work in private practice and have experience working in the NHS and charity sector.

They are passionate about providing safe spaces for adults to unleash and explore free creative expression without the pressures of judgement, expectation or needing to be ‘technically good’. 

How to book

To book your place on this workshop, please email us at

Practical information

You do not have to have Zoom software installed on your device to take part.

We will send out an email invitation to all participants before the session.

Joining the call

Our meeting invite will include a link. Click on the link to join the meeting. 

Please make sure before the call that your computer’s microphone, speakers and video camera are all working.

It’s best to use your laptop or desktop computer rather than a phone.

During the call

Things that will help you during the call:

  • Please make sure you have a comfortable private space where you’ll be undisturbed.
  • Turn off any programs on your computer that could reduce your bandwidth or distract with notification sounds – programs like Messenger, email, Word, Dropbox, and so on.

Using Zoom

Zoom have lots of video tutorials about how to use its video conferencing software.

We hope to see you online!

All at Relational Spaces.

Image: Rosanna Cooper